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Morten J. Olsen, from Stavanger, is a drummer, percussionist and music producer. He is once in a blue moon DJing or involved in other art forms. He is a member of the rolling computerized aerobics unit N.M.O. and the acoustic quartet The Pitch. He was previously in the heavy metal musique concrete duo MoHa! and the related experimental chamber rock band Ultralyd. His current work is centered around N.M.O. and The Pitch as well as in various other experimental music and/or art-related settings. Born at Summer Solstice. 1m78cm. Welter Weight.

"rhythm is the relationship between what you believe and what you used to believe"

links to current projects and sounds:

> N.M.O. (with Rubén Patiño)

> The Pitch (with Koen Nutters, Michael Thieke, Boris Baltschun)

> SOLO Rotating Bass Drum Music

> Subroutine (with Robin Hayward)

> The Input Output Routine

> The New Silence

> Splitter Orchester

> Konzert Minimal

podcasts / mixes / radio

> Lemon Jest Orn Mixcloud (Vegan Spam + Analogue Mutations)

> the possibility of drumming (podcast + essay for MACBA)

for more information and requests contact:

> booking agent: mmrtmn @@@@ protonmail (dot) com