The Pitch
Boris Baltschun - Electric Pump Organ / Function Generators
Koen Nutters - Upright Bass
Morten J. Olsen - Vibraphone
Michael Thieke - Clarinet

The Pitch is an improvising ensemble of four Berlin-based creative musicians founded in 2009.

With acoustic instruments and minimal live-electronics they collectively compose structures which generate hypnotic melodic movement and deep acoustic textures.

Bowed and struck vibraphone tones resonate with bowed bass harmonics, doubled by clarinet and reinforced by organ and sine tones. An intensely focused performance creates an atmosphere where the listeners perception is slowed down to make the smallest sonic details move from background to foreground.

The group continually expands into new terrain of musical material and playing styles inspired by fundamental states of matter (and variations thereof) - frozen surfaces, gaseous states, plasmatic fibrils, liquid patterns and molecular motion.

Hypnotic, intensely colourful, shifting densities, concentrated, slowly-shifting patterns and textures.

As a quartet The Pitch is most versatile. They have a large catalogue of pieces and structures they can shape and re-shape into a single concert presentation. Acoustic or amplified, electronically enhanced or purely instrumental.

Frozen Orchestra
In this project The Pitch plays a long version of one of their "frozen" structures extended with up to 10 players to form a small orchestra. This large ensemble creates an extremely rich, slowly moving textural sound.
The Frozen Orchestra has included Lucio Capece (bass clarinet), Chris Heenan (bass & contrabass clarinet), Biliana Voutchkova (violin), Johnny Chang (viola), Okkyung Lee (cello), Nils Ostendorf (trumpet), Robin Hayward (tuba), Mathias Müller (trombone), Cat Lamb (viola) and Valerio Tricoli (revox tape delay).
As The Frozen Orchestra they have played in Sonic Acts Festival (Amsterdam) Platform Project (Moscow), Roter Salon / Volksbühne (Berlin), NK (Berlin) and LEAP (Berlin).
Their Amsterdam concert was released as a Vinyl on SOFA Records (Norway) in 2015.

The Complete Pitch Sets
A 4-hour installation concert in which the quartet plays through their entire catalogue of pitch combinations and structural possibilities and all different combinations of players.
The shifting textures are reinforced by slowly moving quadraphonic amplification and subtle live-electronic elements.

The Pitch + Valerio Tricoli (Pitch on Tape)
A project in development in which Tricoli heavily manipulates the sound of the quartet with his Revox tape machine through an extended speaker system.

The Pitch plays Olivier Messiaen
Originally a commission by the Labor Sonor - Translating Music Festival in 2015.
The Pitch plays their 28 minute arrangement of the fifth part of Messiaen's 'Quator pour la fin du temp' in which they integrate the piece with their own harmonic and structural techniques and create a vehicle for pitch improvisation inside of Messiaen's distinct harmonic and melodic conception.


Transposition Zero / Gaffer Records, 2010 / LP
Thaw T5 + I5 (above 350Hz) / Parking Lot magazine, 2014 / Flexi disc
Xenon / Argon / Gaffer Records, 2015 / LP
Frozen Orchestra (Amsterdam) / SOFA Records, 2015 / LP
The Pitch & Koenraad Ecker - S/T / Ecology Tapes, 2015 / Cassette + download