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Paul Heggarty - Full with Noise a philosophy of noise?
Christoph Cox - Return to form: On neo-modernist sound art A post-post-modernist view on SoundArt
Interview with Iannis Xenakis Xenakis interviewed in the UNESCO Courier, april 1986.
Arie Altena - A few remarks on collectives and art Taken from Arie Altena, Unsorted, Thoughts on the Information Arts, an AtoZ for SonicActsX, De Balie / Sonic Acts, 2004, with kind permission from the author.
Helmut Lachenmann - On Luigi Nono A conversation from the 1998 International Art Village Syposium on Luigi Nono
Mayas / Nutters / Olsen / Galvez Quartet Liner Notes (complete) I let raise our general manners with nothing new. Not everything made it to the album cover.
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John and Morty on the radio A beautiful, slow and diverging conversation between good friends John Cage and Morton Feldman from 1967.
Nicolas Bourriaud - Post production and Eclecticism A fragment from the book 'post-production' with relevant information on the state of modernism, today.
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