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    BANG! …Moha started and I spilled my pint…Despite looking like he is not old enough to be let in, Anders Hana (Ultralyd, Jaga Jazzist) is gaining cult status as an improv guitar god here in Norway. I have seen him play solo a number of times now, and never really got what all the fuss was about, until now. Crikey... tonight, combined with drummer Morten J. Olsen (also from Ultralyd), it all made sense. So, there I was, nursing my beer in an empty-ish room (smoking is banned from venues in Norway which means that between acts the crowd repairs to the street) and BANG!... the engine roar began. Hana's guitar was hit and punched, bowed and scraped violently, the sound burned and scorched beyond Big muff Moogerfooging pitchshift recognition! Twisting and turning, having being sucked from the street, the crowd was beaten about head and neck by furious, combustible drumming from Olsen, using the most together and successful laptop processing of drums I have ever witnessed. The snare was a launchpad for crazed twangs, right hook blows and painful screeches, as he beat and scraped it to shreds. The sound was raw, loud and in my face. Hana and Olsen never for one moment relaxed into anything remotely resembling simplicity or anything vaguely rehearsed or tired. If I was in my home town now I would leave, go home and put all my guitar equipment on E-bay, us old fucks have got to know when we're licked.
    Taking off from the small Haugesund Airport on a rainy Sunday morning I contemplate scoring the festival. Friday night was for me a full and well rounded evening, but Saturday had the excitement and raw power of Moha. Just for a moment I wondered if in fact Messrs. Hana and Olsen were infact strapped to the underside of the aeroplane wings…

    …they weren't, but I'm sure they could have been.

    Review by Mark Francombe

    read the whole review here