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Thai on top

The first piece ever with Thai on Top (and widow in the middle):
Bones 'n' Femmes - take 1

Bones 'n' Femmes - Live at Steim - 08.07.2004 (N2)
(taken from N live at STEIM)

Thai on Top is a friendly band, and does stuff with their friends:

Bones 'n' Femmes - with Nicolas Field - Live at the Borealis Festival 15.03.2005 (N5)

Bones 'n' Femmes - with/intersected by Db - Live at de Balie 15.01.2005 (N4)

Bones 'n' Femmes - with Andrew D'Angelo - Live at STEIM 08.07.2004 (N2) (taken from N live at STEIM)