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    laptop (LiSa) & sexy controllers

    hardhatarea.com & humanelectric.net

    Robert van Heumen is composer and musician, making electronic music in the studio and on stage. Recent compositions include music for the choreography Drink Me by Anouk van Dijk, and the audio-visual composition Solitude (with multi-media artist Arnoud Noordegraaf) based on a book by Paul Auster. As a musician he uses STEIM's live sampling software LiSa with all kinds of controllers (some have called them 'sexy'). He is active as a member of the electro-acoustic sextet OfficeR, electronic audio-visual trio SKIF++ and part of the N Collective, and has shared the stage with Michel Waisvisz, Jeff Carey, Oguz Buyukberber, Anne LaBerge, Guy Harries, Daniel Schorno, Roddy Schrock and Nate Wooley. In both his composed and live music he uses a mixture of environmental sounds, toys, voices, sounds from kitchen appliances, and in general all kinds of 'found sounds'. Next to all of this he is Managing Director of the STEIM foundation in Amsterdam. In a previous life he was a mathematician, trumpet player and software programmer.

    Selected Works: composition for the audiovisual production 'Solitude' (2005), cd 'OfficeR - The STEIM Sessions', cds 'N - Live at STEIM' and 'N Collective - News from Holland' - with various groups of the N Collective, compositions for choreographies 'Amour Fou' (2003), 'Drink me' (2004), 'STAU' (2004), 'Derivatives' (2005) by Anouk van Dijk

    Selected Bands: OfficeR (electro-acoustic sextet), SKIF++ (electric trio with visuals), Buyukberber/VanHeumen (duo on bassclarinet & electronics)