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  • Bjornar Habbestad

    Educated in music, art history and philosophy from Bergen, London and Amsterdam. Performs in various ensembles and constellations, with classical contemporary music, free improvised music and noise.

    Habbestad has premiered works by several young Norwegian, Dutch and French composers, performed as a soloist, chamber and ensemble musician at festivals including ULTIMA , AllEars 2005, Avignon Festival, Journée de Composition Paris,Borealis, MaiJazz, Holland Festival,Autunnale, Music Factory a.o. He has also appeared as a soloist with the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra.

    Habbestad has toured extensively with Amsterdam based trio PHÔ as well as collaborations with musicians and improvisers as Jazzkammer, Fred Frith, Didi Bruckmayr, Michael Duch, Kjetil Møster and Anders Hana. He is a featured member in a range of N Collective ensembles: in an accoustic duo with Dirk Bruinsma (DB), in USA/USB - an electroaccoustic venture with Jeff Carey and as a regular member of the N Ensemble.

    GROUPS: pho USA/USB DB ART: telart MUSIC: short solo track PICS: here