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    USA/USB provides hardcore synthesis, realtime noise-making, splitsecond timing and delicate compositions.

    NEW! BIG GUN - a hit remix of an excerpt from Machine Gun Etiquette now available for downloadhere

    MP3 version of pice nr.1: Machine Gun Etiquette here

    the WIRE made a video version of Machine Gun Etiquette from NuMusic, Stavanger, Norway here

    APRIL: USA/USB in the studios of Extrapool, Nijmegen
    APRIL: USA/USB on N Collective Tour! Playing Aalst/Geneva/Berlin
    MAY: USA/USB at Version06 - Chicago
    AUG: USA/USB recording new album!
    SEPT: USA/USB at DNK/Gaudeamus musik week, Amsterdam
    OCT: USA/USB at Sonic Circuits, Washington DC
    NOV: Gaudeamus Live Electronic Mucic Festival

    Jeff Carey - SuperCollider
    Bjornar Habbestad - flutes and SuperCollider