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    SKIF is
    Jeff Carey - laptop/SuperCollider
    Robert van Heumen - laptop/LiSa

    Being the electronic BrainPart of OfficeR, Jeff and Robert started performing together because the rest of OfficeR left the building. They decided to do a tour in New York, and became famous.

    Playing music in many contexts, as a computer musician, electro-acoustic composer and improviser, Jeff Carey’s music ranges many aspects of computer music from non real-time acousmatic composition, electro-acoustic composition, to improvisation and performs in a number of units such as Office-R(6), USA/USB, the acclaimed feedback project 87 Central, and N-Collective related projects. Having spent years carrying around too much heavy gear playing no-input mixer he is happy to trade for a laptop: with feel that is more organic than digital -- drones, gentle and otherwise multiply against hyperactive noise bursts and crackling phrasing.

    Robert van Heumen is an electronic musician, using STEIM's live sampling software LiSa with all kinds of controllers (some have called them sexy). He is an active member of the N-Collective, and has shared the stage with Michel Waisvisz, Jeff Carey, Oguz Buyukberber, Anne LaBerge, Guy Harries, Daniel Schorno, Roddy Schrock and Nate Wooley. His soundworld is a mixture of environmental sounds, toys, voices, sounds from kitchen appliances, half of the time smashed beyond repair. He is the SampleMan of SKIF.

    "...melodic melancholy and sonic bursts..."
    "...bursts, discontinuities, and beautiful carpets..."

    handshaking @ tonic NYC

    hrr ta! @ extrapool nijmegen

    at tag may 2005

    SKIF++ is the collaboration of SKIF and Bas van Koolwijk (laptop Max/MSP/Jitter) processing of the SKIF-sound into video and back again to audio.

    The video of Van Koolwijk can be seen as an aggressive attack on the illusion of video itself. Through a rigorous and formalistic approach, Van Koolwijk exposes the face of the machine which lives behind the often-placating veil of the televised image.

    part 3 of piece#1 - from the feb2006 STEIM studio sessions

    SKIF++ website with sample material

    high resolution version - color

    high resolution version - black'n'white