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    Office-R(6) at N event 7 at the NUMUSIC festival in Stavanger (NO)

    Koen Nutters - bass, structure
    Robert van Heumen - laptop (LiSa)
    Jeff Carey - laptop (Super Collider)
    Sakir Oguz Buyukberber - bass clarinet
    Dirk Bruinsma - soprano and baritone sax
    Morten J Olsen - percussion

    Office-R(6) plays structured improvisations using an expanding catalogue of structures that define the relative shape of the piece, the type of material that needs to be generated and other structural properties and goals without losing the immediate action/reaction energy and "split-second decision making that creates a very dynamic and exciting interaction between all players at all times".

    Office-R(6) uses improvisation as a compositional tool to generate music in a defined context, juxtaposing selected material and filtering out the rubble to create ongoing micro-structures forming complex pieces in many parts and layers.


    Structure #1 at the Gaudeamus Live Electronics Festival 2006
    Live at STEIM 2004.

    The first Office-R(6) studio album:
    Mundane occurences and presentations has been released by
    Lampse AudioVisual Recordings.

    More soundclips at hardhatarea.com.


    "And then there's the Amsterdam-based Office-R(6) [...] whose energized interplay is never anything less than engrossing. Drawing upon electronic music, noise, jazz, and contemporary music traditions, the players attack their gnotty electro-acoustic improvisations with rabid ferocity. [Their] purposeful, stop-start interplay is permeated by perpetual flux and invention with electronic sputter, bass clarinet growls, bowed scrapes, saxophone honks, and sliced voice samples endlessly circling around and colliding with one another. Sounds converge at some moments before splintering off into multiple directions the next. [Their release on Lampse:] Mundane Occurrences and Presentations at times resembles the kind of challenging music Luciano Berio might be creating [...] in his composing prime."
    Review on Textura.org

    “They make music which commands the listeners’ most intimate attention. In the passing of just 10 minutes their sonic expression can range from conceptually stunning silences to gorgeous musical shapes to shattering raucousness and all the while they are seamlessly integrating the electronic and acoustic worlds with a touch usually only attributed to the masters of the trade.”

    Office-R(6) playing the BIMhuis (Amsterdam) November 2007
    Photograph by S. Cater